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October 20, 2005


Raquel Jarabek

Ken, great sermon! I think this sermon describes what you have learned so far in life. I totally agree with what you have written. Thanks for writing it so well. It was a joy to read. --Raquel

Nicolas Nelson

Excellent sketch of a missional church! May many more like this be planted throughout this world God loves so much.

Keep writing. It is strong, savory food for mind and soul.


Hey, Ken ... so this is the sermon I missed! Sorry I couldn't make it, though at least I've finally had a chance to read it. I quite agree with your main point; it's certainly a very different sort of homily than I hear in my church!


Hello. I got into this site because i was looking for a sermon regarding missional. I'm a pastor here in the Philippines and the missional concept is rarely heard of. It is through research and a deep crisis in me that led me to learn what Jesus wants us do.

I find your sermon not just informative but truly inspirational. God bless! I hope you can write more of this stuff.


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