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July 21, 2007


Matt Coles


Darfur's not the only genocide of our generation, nor even the main one. It is the most popular one, though, at least for now. Celebrities and the media are quite interested, and I thank you for your research into the factors behind it.

Any thoughts on the abortion genocide?

Hugh Hollowell

No matter what the issue is, somehow, someone manages to tie it to either homosexuality or abortion.


Hugh Hollowell

By the way, thank you for the insight and the research.

Ultimately, all causes come down to people and personal choices.

Paul Higgins

You might be interested to read about this, actually; there's a much longer history of Islam/Christian tribal warfare going back to the 1960s-1970s, between the largely Christian part of the country and the largely Muslim part. The genocide moved to Darfur only in recent years, but the 'lost boys' of Sudan were the earlier victims of the same ongoing mess. Greed was at the root, though, in both cases; a desire for land and/or oil.

Geoff Holsclaw

ken, thanks for the wise reflections.

Nic Nelson

"when we are the sum of our wants, we are easily used by others."

So true. If all of us led countercultural lives in our media consumption and material consumption, the effect would be felt not only in Khartoum and Beijing but many other places around the world as well as our own neighborhoods and families. The Law of Unintended Consequences works positively as well as negatively-- even if genocide in Darfur is our focal tipping point, the effects of our "radical" (as seen by other Westerners, I guess) choices won't be limited to Darfur.

It is difficult to convey the enormous benefits my family has reaped over the past 16 years of having no television in the home, for instance. My tipping point was soft porn taking over the advertising and music industry, but my children are an order of magnitude less materialistic as well as less sexualized, and far more likely that I was at their age to continue making the choices you suggest, Ken.


thank you for posting this. its complacent of me to say i can do nothing in a situation that is so much bigger than myself. thank you.

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